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ATG´s Auto Detailing and Auto Paint + Body Repair Shop Service Wiesbaden is a recognized shop in the Rhein-Main / USAG Wiesbaden Area for quality and customer satisfaction.

We want your experience to be a positive one, whether you are getting your vehicle detailed, auto body repair, having your windows tinted, or having us remove a dent with our paintless dent removal process.

We wish to treat every customer with sincerity, integrity, and respect from the time you enter our doors, throughout the life of your vehicle and beyond.
We here at ATG´s Auto Detailing and Auto Paint + Body Repair Shop Service also recognize the importance of being visible to the internet community.

Our services are available six days a week by appointment.


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1) POV Agriculture Environmental Cleaning for POV Shipping  199,- €

Complete Cleaning incl. FULL DETAIL INSIDE + OUT to pass USAREUR POV Shipping regulations


2) Wash / Vacuum / Glass 49,- €

A complete exterior hand car wash with removal of bugs and tar, then we clean the wheels and wheel wells and dry the exterior of your vehicle. Tire dressing is applied to the tires. Interior of vehicle is vacuumed. Then we clean all the glass on the interior and exterior.

This is a basic vehicle care maintenance.


3) Wash / Wax / Vac 99,- €

A full exterior hand car wash including, wheels, tires, and wheel wells. Bugs and tar are then removed. Next we clay bar the all paint surfaces of vehicle. Then we apply 100% carnauba wax to the entire exterior of your vehicle. Tires are dressed for a high luster, and the interior of the car is vacuumed. Windows are cleaned and left spotless.


4)Full Detail 179,- €

Full exterior hand car wash including complete cleaning of wheels, tires, wheel wells, doorjambs. Then we remove all bugs, tar, and tree sap. Next we clay bar the entire exterior of your car. Then we compound any scratches off the exterior of the car. From there we polish the whole exterior of the car. After that we apply 100% carnauba wax to the entire exterior of the car and remove it by hand. Chrome, grill, tailpipes, and emblems are all polished. Interior is vacuumed. Then we remove floor mats and shampoo all the carpeting, and upholstery, clean door panels, compartments, headliner, ashtrays, instruments, knobs, and wood trim. Leather is cleaned and conditioned (if applies). Tires are dressed for a high luster. the air vents are Q-Tipped and the dashboard is cleaned. All fabrics are protected with a scotch guard protection. All widows and vanity mirrors are left spotless. Only the finest products are used on your car.


5) Engine Bay Detailing 59,- €

First we degrease the entire engine bay with a strong cleaner. Then we steam clean the entire engine bay leaving a showroom new look.


6) Underbody Steam Clean 29,- €

Full underbody steam clean to take off all the grease, oil and dirt


Prices may vary due to vehicle size and level of dirtiness (Dog / Per Hair removal 60€ -- SUv / Minivans 40€ extra)



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